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E-Liquid Samples - Cheap 1mL samples of boutique e-juice

How do I find the best tasting e-liquids?

As a vaper, you know that—bottom line—the vaping experience is all about the e-liquid. But out of the thousands on the market, how can you figure out which ones you like the best?  Should you rely on reviews, ratings, and opinions from other vapers? Lots of these out there (even here, actually!) and after reading what someone else thought about a particular e-liquid you might think that’s the one for you. The problem is everyone’s tastes are different. What one person thinks is amazing, another can’t stand. You’re unique and only you can determine what tastes best for you. No, the answer is to...

Try as many e-liquids as you can, at the lowest cost to you. This is where E-Liquid Samples can help.

Sure, many e-liquid vendors offer e-liquid samples of a limited selection of their juices. But their e-liquid samples are still too large and if you don’t like them you’re throwing away 90% of the bottle and 90% of your money. Here at E-Liquid Samples, we offer small, inexpensive 1mL e-liquid samples of a wide selection of respected boutique e-liquid manufacturers. A 1mL e-liquid sample is enough for a solid hour of vaping at least and you will definitely be able to form your own opinion in that amount of time.

What if I want to order a larger size of an e-liquid that I’ve sampled and absolutely love?

Simply navigate to the e-liquid you liked on this website and click the "Buy a full bottle" link at the end of the product description. You will be redirected to the manufacturer’s website where you will be able to specify your preference of PG/VG mix, nic content, size, etc.

Click on an e-liquid category or brand to the left and get started!